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SEIU and NNU is organizing at Orlando Health

. “CNA/NNU held a rally in Orlando recently.¬† A few people turned up, but many were people from other unions.¬† Does representation mean marching around chanting slogans? Are these the people you want representing you?” Registered Nurses and allied healthcare professionals¬† from several Orlando Health hospitals have contacted asking for help and advice on […]

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Jersey City Medical Center and AFSCME 2254

Last year you sent them a message and showed them the door. Now they are the unwelcome guest that won’t leave.                                                               In this drama […]

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Parkview SEIU-Strikes

Parkview Community Hospital

A Family Divided     How much can you afford to lose?             Your Benefits now and with SEIU The threats have to stop and should never ever be tolerated SEIU has rules, know them. A family divided    

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Rio Grande Regional Hospital Texas

February 14th 2014 We have had enough of the SEIU! The Rio Grande Regional Regional Freedom Fighters have filed a petition to Decertify the SEIU  

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Job Asecurity? jpg

Vallourec Star Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN VALLOUREC REMAINS UNION FREE UE loses 148 to 367 Congratulations to everyone who took the time and put out the effort to be heard, you made a difference.   United Electrical Workers (UE) is organizing and vote dates have been set. It is important that EVERYONE votes. The union has already started a disinformation […]

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We are the union

EastRidge Healthcare

UPDATE ¬† SEIU withdraws petition for election 100 percent of Registered Nurses and 67 percent of Behavioral Health Professionals petition the union demanding they withdraw. Get educated on the SEIU and SEIU 1199: Seventy-Four Decertifications!                     SEIU 1199 By-Laws 2012 SEIU UHW LM-2 2011LM-2 SEIU-UHW 2011 […]

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Reading Hospital

Reading Hospital vs Click Picture for more information     Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals is courting our staff! PASNAP is a labor union and labor unions are a business, in order to survive a business needs to make a PROFIT. That profit must come from your paycheck. HIGHCOSTPASNAP Risk of Loss […]

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Who Earns?

Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance

Final Tally 279 CNA 261 LCM 17 challenged votes 1 voided ballot If you didn’t vote, well……you lost a chance to be heard Keep your voice and your control over your future career at Little Company of Mary VOTE NO! Little Company of Mary speak out in their own words     Little Company of […]

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Twin Rivers Senior Campus, Cannon Falls Minnesota

Congratulations Twin Rivers Senior Campus UFCW loses 19 to 8 IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOU: UFCW 1189 Bylaws UFCW International 2012 LM2 UFCW, Local 1189 2012 LM2 How much will the UFCW union cost you? UFCW Election is September 13 2013 Vote NO!  

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Baptist Medical Center San Antonio Texas

Baptist Medical Center San Antonio Texas

Don’t sign that Card! Don’t lose your freedom. Don’t fall victim to the NNOC/CNA! A union card is a legal document. You signature can be considered a request to unionize and if enough victims fall for the card signing trick, the union is “IN” without an election. Questions? Contact me at

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