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AB-290 Davita


This is a place for DaVita teammates to connect and express our views about the union trying to come in to our clinics. PETITION AGAINST SEIU Davita PDF. Please join us for an event to learn why we are concerned about union representation in our Village. Coffee Time  

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Paradise Valley Hospital

Paradise Valley Hospital


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Lies About Strikes

St Joseph of Orange

The California Nurses Association is back on the attack!       Promises Promises…..   How will your dues be used?   Lies, lies and more lies…    

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Cooper University Medical Center

Cooper University Medical Center

UPDATE: Health Professionals and Allied Employees Union (HPAE) Represents Cooper Employees, here is an important link for you: PolitickerNJ   Cooper University Hospital Employees Are you willing to place everything you already have on the bargaining table? Negotiations are a give and take process, what are you willing to give up? What are they going […]

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Affinity Medical Center Nurses File Federal Charges Against NNOC

May 13 2013 UPDATE:  Affinity Nurses file federal lawsuit accusing National Nurses Organizing Committee labor union (NNOC) of violating its duty of fair representation. Four Affinity nurses file federal lawsuit – Canton, OH –  Copy of Complaint Filed   The professional nurses of Affinity Medical Center in Massillon Ohio have been blindsided by a […]

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SEIU 1199 Healthcare Workers East UMMC Watch

“SEIU Local 1199 Healthcare Workers East wants to organize about 2,000 service workers and technical employees at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Our employer has agreed to allow the union to access to the hospital for several months.  Union reps will be in our break rooms and other locations around the hospital to spread […]

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Chapman Hospital Orange California

November 28th 2012 SEUI Challenged 35 voters. All against SEIU, actual COUNT.. 125 no votes to 48 yes votes. This challenge was made in the last few hours BEFORE the vote. SEIU knew they would lose by a BLOWOUT and tried to save face. A futile effort.   SEIU DEFEATED! Chapman Hospital Employees Vote 90 […]

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August 16, 2012 Communication Workers of America Local 7901 walks away! Dosha Salon Spa is once again united and UNION FREE! After spending thousands of dollars and dividing the Dosha family CWA local 7901 gives up! CONGRATULATIONS to the Professionals of Dosha   July 19 2012 Dosha Update: Decertification Election of  Communication Workers of America […]

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Rio Grande Regional Hospital Decertifies the NNOC/CNA

July 11, 2012 NNOC Decertified at Rio Grande Regional Hospital. The independant RN’s of Rio Grande Regional Hospital banded together to educate and motivate their co-workers. Their professionalism, dedication and positive message opened the eyes and ears of the caring and dedicated Nurses of Rio Grande to defeat and remove the NNOC.  The nurses spoke […]

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Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

The NUHW has not earned the right to take your money. Forced union dues are UN-American. Deauthorizing removes the “union security clause” that forces you to pay and forces your employer to TERMINATE you if you don’t. Yes, you can be fired if you do not pay union dues. Money that should go for gas, […]

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