January 14, 2010

Mountain View Hospital Las Vegas RN’s lost their voice and independence today, losing to the California Nurses Association/NNOC in a 240 to 152 vote. Months ago their management accepted a “Neutrality Agreement” with the labor union. This agreement greatly limits the ability of staff who are against unionizing to educate their coworkers while allowing union organizers and pro-union activists virtual free rein.

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  1. Lynnie June 21, 2012 at 21:14 #

    I know the hospital is under a virtual ‘gag order’ with no one in management, all the way down to charge nurses, allowed to say ‘boo’ against the Unions. They have a script they can read from stating although they recognize the employees right to decide, they don’t feel unionization is necessary. I guess I have to check with my hospital official that I’m allowed to talk with and make sure I don’t have to fight with both hands tied behind my back.

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