Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

The NUHW has not earned the right to take your money. Forced union dues are UN-American. Deauthorizing removes the “union security clause” that forces you to pay and forces your employer to TERMINATE you if you don’t. Yes, you can be fired if you do not pay union dues.

Money that should go for gas, groceries or childcare.  Money you worked hard for.

Download and sign the Deauthorization petition, pass it around and collect as many as you can.

Removing the union security clause allows those who support the union to pay dues. If you decide the union does not provide better working conditions, better pay, better better benefits and a better all around working environment for you then don’t pay. You keep your job and your money.

Deathorization Election: This is a vote to remove the forced unionism clause or union security clause from the union contract. A deauthorization election has only one purpose and effect: to remove the forced-unionism clause from the contract. The remainder of the contract, including all wages and benefits, remains in effect and the union continues to serve as the exclusive bargaining representative, whether or not the employees pay any dues or fees. Even after a successful deathorization, every employee remains fully covered by the contract, whether or not he or she remains a union member or pays any dues.
For more information see this Link to the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation regarding Deauthorization

Santa Rosa Deauthorization Petition

Here is a bit of information regarding the NUHW

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2 Responses to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

  1. VV August 26, 2013 at 01:20 #

    Yes Vickie we all deserve our right to choose, and we did when we voted to join NUHW. You and those employees who share your view point lost that vote and now your wanting to reverse it. Sorry Vickie but the answer is NO!! Why should you get all the benefits and protections of a Union contract but not have to pay dues like the rest of us? There are a few names for people that believe they should get something for nothing, like bum, free-loader, etc. So NO Vickie, we will not do away with the forced union clause until the laws are changed that say non-union employees in the same category get the same benefits and protections a Union contract gives to Union members!! Don’t expect something for nothing!!!

  2. VC May 4, 2012 at 08:26 #

    NUHW is a financially unstable union and has lawsuits against the man who negotiated our contract and is the sec/treasurer of the union now representing us! Do we trust them to do what’s best for US? (See the NUHW information link above)
    I became a bargaining representative to try to provide input that would reflect the interests of those employees who did not want the union here. The union won it’s election in 2010 by only 3 votes, once the appeal assured accurate counting of votes. I researched information to educate myself on NUHW as a union, the union process and our rights and choices in a union. I tried to share this information with fellow bargaining members, who also represented us, before and during the bargaining process. The responses i got were angry ones including ‘We do not want to be educated! We just want a contract!” and “you are just trying to stall the process!”
    The contract makes all of us pay dues to something we may or may not believe in. The supporters have their right to pay, the non supporters have been forced to pay, or be fired. Is this the right thing to do for all?
    WE HAVE A CHOICE!. We can support each others right to choose and vote out the forced union clause by signing the deauthorization petitions and voting to eliminate this clause from our contract. Don’t ALL of us deserve our right to choose?

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