SEIU 1199 Healthcare Workers East UMMC Watch

“SEIU Local 1199 Healthcare Workers East wants to organize about 2,000 service
workers and technical employees at the University of Maryland Medical
Center. Our employer has agreed to allow the union to access to the
hospital for several months.  Union reps will be in our break rooms and other
locations around the hospital to spread union propaganda and ask employees
to sign authorization cards. We are a group of UMMC employees that is against joining the union, and we
are going to expose the truth about 1199 SEIU and not just let them walk
in and take over our work lives.”

 About the Union: SEIU 1199/UHWE

SEIU 2012 Constitution and ByLaws

SEIU International Constitution and Bylaws

SEIU 1199  Constitution

2011 SEIU 1199 LM-2

2011 SEIU-Int LM-2

The Organizers will tell you that strikes are rare. They are not rare if they happen to you and how much will a strike cost you? Think about this, a days pay, a month, six weeks? Who is affected when a union calls a strike? It all rolls downhill and in the end we all lose. Who profits? Lawyers and caterers…..

SEIU Unfair Labor Practice Complaints
source: NLRB

From the Media:

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