Chapman Hospital Orange California

November 28th 2012

SEUI Challenged 35 voters. All against SEIU, actual COUNT..
125 no votes to 48 yes votes.
This challenge was made in the last few hours BEFORE the vote. SEIU knew they would lose by a BLOWOUT and tried to save face. A futile effort.


Chapman Hospital Employees Vote 90 to 48 against union representation.
SEIU Booted from Chapman Hospital TWO Times in one year.

Chapman Hospital  employees soundly defeated the Service Employees International Union two times this year! The first defeat came when employees challenged a clearly suspect “card check vote” and SEIU and hospital officials were  hit with federal charges for rigging  SEIU  card check ‘vote’ with assistance from the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation. The second defeat comes tonight when employees, clearly sick and fed up with the SEIU’s lies, intimidation and despicable tactics voted against the union in an NLRB supervised election.


Chapman Hospital Employees, voting will be held on November 28th from 06:30 to 09:00 and 19:00 to 21:30. Vote NO and keep your raise.


Breaking news: Chapman employees-Don’t believe the latest SEIU dirty trick!
SEIU is telling employees to “put their name on the ballot”!


Writing your name on the ballot makes your vote not count in an NLRB secret

They are trying to win by cheating-don’t let it happen.

Mark an “X” in the NO box. Do not write anything else on the ballot. Then place your ballot in the ballot box as directed by the officials monitoring the election. No one knows how you vote except you. That’s the beauty of the secret ballot.


Are you ready give your hard earned and well deserved raises to the SEIU? Keep every dime you deserve. VOTE NO!
Paying 2% dues for NO protection, NO job security with SEIU: SEIU says Kaiser will layoff 466 or more union employees in Southern California

Pay your dues or “Your Fired!” SEIU/UHW Termination Request Letter. One isn’t enough? Here is Another…..Join the unemployment line thanks to the SEIU/UHW.












NRTW assists Chapman Hospital/SEIU to overturn illegal card check 


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One Response to Chapman Hospital Orange California

  1. Sherwood Cox July 4, 2012 at 21:30 #

    The National Right to Work was there when I needed them to help us keep the California Nurses Association out of Western Medical Center in Santa Ana. When I was contacted by an employee at Chapman hospital and she told me about the sneaky “neutrality agreement” with the SEIU and the even sneakier “card check sham election” of the SEIU to represent Chapman Hospital employees, I knew she need my friends at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation.

    Sherwood Cox, RN