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37 Responses to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

  1. Jim Floyd April 26, 2019 at 05:02 #

    Ask yourself this….Why other employers thatunionized have better pay/benefits overall? The answer to vote yes on unionizing should be a no brainer.

  2. PVHMC Associate February 6, 2016 at 03:06 #

    Bottom line. Treat people with respect. It goes a long way.

  3. AntiUnion January 23, 2016 at 11:12 #

    Latest news-Union upset by all challenge votes being a NO vote!

    • Sherwood January 23, 2016 at 11:24 #

      Let’s make the vote count clear

      531 yes

      458 no

      218 votes that have NOT been counted because they are CHALLENGED either by the union or management.
      The vote that the union challenged are most likely NO votes because that’s why the union challenged them. A common practice used by both sides.
      In this case the difference between the counted votes is 73.
      This vote has to be CERTIFIED by the NLRB and it will take weeks or months, nobody has won yet and I would be willing to bet that the NO votes are actually the majority and the union loses.
      So don’t hold your breathe or open that champagne yet. It ain’t over yet.
      ASK the UNION how many votes THEY challenged and hopefully you will get a straight truthful answer.

      • Purple&Yellow January 23, 2016 at 11:55 #

        The voting is for the Service Tech Union and all the votes that were valid to vote showed We Want Change the majority vote were YES that cannot be changed however when votes are added such as HR PAYROLL or Someone that does PAYROLL & SCHEDULING they DO NOT belong in this group for the Servce & Techincians Union bottom line mangement administrative secretaries do not belong in this group of people to vote now why were the LVN’s excluded they should be in this group but they were excluded by PVHMC why because they’re for the union and would have voted yes if they were included along with others that were excluded it would have been a land slide easily of YES VOTES now to answer your question those votes being challenged no one knows exactly what their vote is its not challenged because they’re yes or no votes it’s all regarding departments that I mention above HR anyone that does PAYROLL or SCHEDULING shouldn’t be a part of this vote they have nothing to do with the bedside care for the patients for example thier diets care either nursing or respiratory the votes stated loud and clear YES WE WANT CHANGE BY THE SERVICE & TEXHNICIANS

        • No Union March 12, 2016 at 19:13 #

          Why are all your sentences runing together? Did you not learn to use punctuation marks in school. I guess thats why you want the union to speak for you because you don’t know how.. So as far as the challenged votes go, not all the votes are HR and Payroll, they are other Dept’s in the hospital like Information Systems. This is what happens when you listen to a bunch of union people that tell you lies and promise stuff that they can’t change. Your willing to pay them to speak for you, but you need to do your homework and find out the truth..

    • Purple&Yellow January 23, 2016 at 11:38 #

      No one is upset let’s talk truth the baited counted showed the ending results in favor of the YES VOTE these challenged votes are just as RY put in his letter out today it’s the Service & Technicians the end results showed We want CHANGE!! Our voice through the votes stated that the challenged votes are RY secretary and other administrative secretaries that have nothing to due with patient care period such as thier diet bead side care by nursing or respiratory also including their diet and equipment so why should they be included.oh yeah maybe to sway the vote because that’s how their campaign has been running not be forth coming and why weren’t the LVN’s included across the street PVHMC pulled them out why because they were union and we would not just had the majority vote but won by a land slide again the votes that were valid showed the employees that do the manual labor are fed up and want change their voice came loud and clear through their votes and the results were ending with the Yes votes in favor I was there a part of the process so don’t go spreading rumors that aren’t true we won that vote fair and square Service & Technicians not administrative assistants shouldn’t be allowed in this vote

    • PVHMC Associate January 23, 2016 at 11:52 #

      That is a lie.. I mean a challenge vote and I vote YES. So not all challenge votes were NO

      • Purple&Yellow January 23, 2016 at 12:03 #

        They’re challenging their position no one if they voted yes or no they’re in envelopes that’s the truth I wa part of the voting and there up front those are the facts

        • PVHMCColorFree January 23, 2016 at 13:14 #


          Don’t know if anyone has checked out the other hospitals on this site but it sure looks to me like the unhappy people who wrote the letter in this link include a couple of SECRETARIES. Doesn’t sound like they got the changes they wanted either. Service people should include those who support the people who provide direct patient care, dontcha think?

  4. PVHMC Associate January 22, 2016 at 07:26 #

    Let me just say this, being a PVHMC associate for 25 plus years, I have seen the way management turns a blind eye. Not to mention Human Resouces. Ever since they hired Ray Inge, this place runs a corporate ship and denies employees to be heard or even have answers to their concerns/Issues. Middle management has to be re-evaluated. We have way too many management associates. To every associate their is 5-10 management positions. Crazy right? I even had a CEO at another facility tell me what Pomona’s problem is.. Way too much middle management cut the fat! One more thing, Management and Administration claim that the union and associates voting YES will divide the hospital.. Well I am here everyday and see what management has done. Nothing but divide us all and make wisecracks etc.. We associates who are voting YES have to endure their unprofessional acts.

    Yes, ths is in Gods hands and lets pray it comes out to help all involved.

    • Purple&Yellow January 22, 2016 at 17:53 #

      Very well said its true they demean us and we’re the manual labor as to Ray Enge he’s paid to much if he sat back and thought about things he says and how he treats employees I bet he’d be angry I’d it were his family member being treated that way

    • PVHMCColorFree January 23, 2016 at 01:17 #

      I am also a long time associate at PVHMC and have felt guilty about the younger people taking the burden for our free health insurance. So I count in the “selfish” category I guess. I dont want to pay for health insurance but I look around and none of my friends have free health insurance and i know some that work in health care or hospitals too.

      It is terrible to see what this has done to everyone. Friend against friend, co worker against co worker. In consideration of management positions, I think PVHMC Associate your numbers are way off. From what was put out, 1200 non-management associates were able to vote in the election. So are you saying there are 6000 to 12000 management positions? I don’t think so. That’s not even including the RNs since they are already in SEIU and including them would up your estimate to 11000 to 22000 (1000 RNs + 1200 0thers x 5 to 10 management positions). Do the math – that just isn’t right.

      Some of us here have been at PVHMC a long time. When was the last time you applied for a job anywhere else? The grass is not greener, guaranteed. Every hospital has its issues and a union will not solve them. I one time felt that I had to write a letter to Mr. Yochum and my concerns were heard. Not sayin’ everyone has to do that but I think he listens more than anyone thinks he does. He knows me by name and when the mandatory days off went in to effect to save everyone’s jobs, I thanked him for doing that instead of laying more people off. Like in the video he put out, I think he does think very hard about what $$ effects decisions will have on associates at PVHMC even if he cracks jokes. None of us have had to be a CEO and the pressure it takes.

      I do not mean to disrespect any one here, P&Y or any one else. I just feel strongly that outsiders will not solve the gripes here, that is not what they care about. They wait and look for unhappiness and move in for the kill, but dont care about every person and their problems or their situation. More and more hospitals are closing or being bought out by big chains, Obamacare or not. Obamacare doesnt mean everyone gets great raises, it only means less people go without medical care.

      Come on people, we just need to continue being the family that we are and this vote has helped us to let management know that we need to be heard.

      • Purple&Yellow January 23, 2016 at 07:38 #

        We were heard the majority vote was Yes that shows change is needed and trying to resolve this before didn’t work going through the chain of command now there’s votes that are challenged and questionable especially these are including management secretaries including the CEOs secretary yet last night vote count was majority Yes votes

  5. PVHMCColorFree January 20, 2016 at 20:39 #

    What is with the colors? Purple and yellow, whatever the no union color is. What does this remind you of? Crypts and Bloods? Thugs? Goons? Is this healthcare now, gangs and threats? Make no mistake – people like King and Mains will receive $$ if they convince PVHMC departments to unionize – we are MILLIONS to them. and they will get a cut!!! We won’t know until after the election what they were paid to convince you to tear our family apart. What are the hundreds of outsiders they brought in paid with? OTHER people’s union dues!!! Its a pyramid scheme, only you don’t ever get anything for the money you pay in! Union or no union all companies have problems but SEIU does NOT care about anything but your dues!! Vote strong, vote NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Purple&Yellow January 21, 2016 at 02:56 #

      You should like a person that’s full of HATE and miserable in LIFE AND we received and attained our FREE HEALTHCARE from the 121 RN Union and gained anothe Holiday pay so YES the union cares about US if WE stand up and believe in fair justice for all not just the higher up management and their families WE have families too we eat sleep and need to be shelter too why should we continue to accept cut backs all in all if the union doesn’t pass you cannot treat people this way and think there won’t be any repercussions I believe in KARMA it will come back to them X’s three stronger than what they have don’t to the employees and for you to say it’s a gang affiliation that just shows how closed minded you are and little room for improvement in yourself all in all PVHMC should be held accountable people lost their cars and homes due to the lay offs and did they care or try to help their employees NO some were let go twice so where is the fair justice in that also today PVHMC gardeners were taking the purple plants which they’ve don’t periodically this is a good example of a waste in money if there is really a budget why all of a sudden there’s security everywhere and to surveillance the employees open your eyes people it’s not going to get better if the union doesn’t pass in fast I garantee they will take more away from their employees because PVHMC doesn’t care about their employees wellness not happiness before you comment list things that PVHMC has done for their employees and not anything that the 121 SEIU UNION HAS FOUGHT FOR AND ATTAINED

    • Purple&Yellow January 21, 2016 at 16:17 #

      Pls see my comment below by the way crips bloods thugs and goons that was you best referencing to the union colors you sound miserable I think you should try something to better yourself such as look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself “I Love You” I bet when you do this you’ll see how hatred you look you must first love yourself before others can love you try it and repeat you’ll find what I’m saying is true now getting back to the issue at hand PVHMC cannot continue to treat their employees this way and think it’s ok karma with come back and hit those who mistreat people and take advantage of their loyalty compassion dedication erc karma always wins that’s exactly how PVHMC employees are being treated I bet higher management would think twice if these cut backs were going to affect their families as they have PVHMC employees as I close this I hope you find peace and love in your life/heart L pvhmccolorfree because it will take a toll on you from the inside out may you find peace in your heart and love yourself truly because having a heart full of hate isn’t healthy for your soul or mind
      Best regards

      • PVHMCColorFree January 21, 2016 at 21:42 #

        Wow P&Y, take a BREATH between your rants! Ever heard of punctuation, like commas and periods? While I may hate thugs like Dave Regan and his “ass whooping” (yeah, look it up on the internet) tactics to force us all to submit to contracts and dues, I am full of nothing but love for not only myself, but a union free environment at PVHMC and for my coworkers who wish to remain union free. I CAN and DO look at myself in the mirror and say “I have my own voice.” I work hard and get a very fair pay for my work. I wonder if your first response at 2 am was fueled by something besides your own brain? Your second one is a lot more thoughtful but I don’t need psychiatric advice from you to be at peace for sure. I DO love myself. It is a shame you have chosen to try to overwhelm those who speak out here with not one but several rants. The voting will be over tomorrow and time will tell.

        Number 1, a union won’t have any say over the landscaping at PVHMC, purple or not. Number 2, the only thing a union has any say over with layoffs is who goes FIRST. Guess who? The newest hired employees, that’s who, the same ones SEIU UHW is pressuring the most and promising job security to. Wow. Number 3, the extra security is protecting those of us who DON’T wish to be threatened with people telling us that everyone will know how we voted and using other threats. Number 4, the union will not have any say over how PVHMC uses its profits or spends its money-read the contract!

        You told me not to post without saying what PVHMC has “done for me lately.” What about free healthcare for those here over 10 years in the first place? Unless you work at Kaiser, I DARE you to tell me other hospitals in the area that offer free health an insurance. When it started, health insurance was not as expensive and now it can bankkrupt PVHMC to continue giving it free when NEW employees pay the lion’s share for the selfish older employees who don’t care what happens to the new. Only small premium increases were asked but the union takes credit for getting everyone free insurance of course and will move on to the next hospital when there is no more $$ to pay for health insurance here at all.

        A lot of people have left PVHMC and returned. WHY? This hospital is a family. This hospital pays VERY GOOD wages and has good benefits. All it takes is for SEIU UHW to get everyone at their friends necks is paying a few hundred people to go after all of us for MONTHS! Why so many people? BIG MONEY.

        Oh, you never said anything about the people that will get a commission for getting us all to pay union dues, maybe you are one of them? I took time to find out about how SEIU UHW does business and so did others here and chose to vote NO. Ignorance and fear are the union’s heroes.

        I will follow your advice P&Y and choose not to reply further to your rants – I have too much respect for myself to sink to your level.

        • PVHMCColorFree January 21, 2016 at 21:50 #

          Forgot one more thing….you said “why should we continue to accept cut backs all in all if the union doesn’t pass you cannot treat people this way and think there won’t be any repercussions I believe in KARMA it will come back to them X’s three stronger than what they have don’t to the employees.” So unions don’t make THREATS?? Yeah, right.

          • Purple&Yellow January 22, 2016 at 15:23 #

            That’s not a threat think about it what person has succeeded in mistreating people and not truly appreciate them karma always prevails you can’t be bad and treat people unfairly thinking in return you’ll always be treated great you haven’t heard as a child treat others as you would like to be treated bottom line it’s a business and they only are looking out for themselves and pay themselves well while the manual workers get cut backs and not paid for their earned hard work think about it wouldn’t you want healthy employees then why take FREE HEALTHCARE care away from them and their families and why put another high monthly expense burden on them monthly if your truly have their best interest it makes no sense only to those that are in management my comment isn’t a threat it’s actual fact daily living if PVHMC listen to their employees and cared enough to compromised as we do it makes great sense to keep their employees Hapky and healthy not burden them mostly with another expense most of us live pay pay check to pay check or single parents some take care of their parents or other family members it’s another burden

        • PVHMCColorFree January 21, 2016 at 22:37 #

          One more thing: You say “if the union doesn’t pass you cannot treat people this way and think there won’t be any repercussions I believe in KARMA it will come back to them X’s three stronger than what they have don’t to the employees.” Unions don’t make threats? Nice try.

        • Purple&Yellow January 22, 2016 at 15:49 #

          First no and I don’t care regarding punctuation I’m not here to get an A on a paper secondly my 2 am comment what does that have to do with anything or what time I post a comment remember PVHMC is a 24 hours 7 days a week ran facility next you mention why should new hires pay $500 a month or higher for medical it’s not fair well is it fair to those that have been dedicated paying high monthly premiums for ten years then reaching their ten years just to be told that incentive is no longer available where is that ok to those that have been dedicated and loyal looking forward to this incentive yes we are FAMILY and of course they would return because the RN’s went from the lowest paid to one of the highest paid for nursing because they’re union the SEIU 121 union has got them a lot but it’s the employees voicing what the feel is fair and stand their ground we aren’t SELFISH OLDER EMPLOYEES take a look since the Obama care PVHMC has been paid not like it used to be CASH PT’s so going bankrupt I wouldn’t believe that if so why not share their earn gross earnings since this has been in effect if this was so true why not have the higher up managements take a cut in pay the truth is there’s cuts where there shouldn’t be and as for anyone else that feels this way place yourself in those that have been dedicated and loyal instead of being selfish as you stated if we had to pay high dues for our families than you should too what’s good for one should work for another and your hatred isn’t flattering by you stating you don’t want to sink to my level apparently I’m higher than you if you so hatred on selfish older employees so sinking to my level respect everyone especially your elders for one day you’ll be older selfish too
          As for union dues where all their expenses go toward I cannot answer that truly because I’m not a rep however the better question is to ask how is the money being spent throughout the hospital and their net growth since the first lay off some have been laid off twice again there much more to be talked about that’s important issues here at PVHMC

        • Purple&Yellow January 22, 2016 at 15:52 #

          See my comments

          Positive Vibes & Well Wishes

          Selfish Older Employee

  6. Concerned Citizen January 19, 2016 at 14:05 #

    Not that long ago SEIU Local 121RN was adjudicated to be a violator of individual employee’s rights and freedoms at PVHMC. Go to https://www.nlrb.gov/case/21-CB-014428 and read the NLRB’s decision. SEIU Local 121RN was found to have threatened employees to try to force them to pay union dues when there was no lawful requirement to pay. No one should be surprised about this, since for SEIU it is all about getting more money and more power — even if that means illegally threatening employees. See this for more information on union officials’ power and perks. https://www.unionfacts.com/union/Service_Employees#leaders-tab

  7. Purple&Yellow January 19, 2016 at 11:00 #

    The real SHAME is PVHMC having meetings and not allowing EMPLOYEES TO ATTEND if they’re concerned with our well being why not LISTEN to Us and hold meetings to truly LISTEN instead of holding meetings saying “if the union is voted in there will be layoffs ” or holding anti union meetings and not allowing anyone else to attend if they’re for the union when We allow ALL to ATTEND our MEETINGS why because WERE FAIR & LISTEN we don’t get that from anti union people they’re quickly to bash anyone that is for the union also Louie Hernandez the chief of security has been trying to resolve the issues with patient safety now if the head of security sees a problem that needs to be addressed why hasn’t PVHMC opened their eyes or welcomed any suggestions instead they rather not spend the extra money having another CNA to sit with a patient because it’s all about the money again it’s a place of business we all have numbers and once a manger told us “I can get one of you a dime a dozen” EVERYONE is REPLACEABLE DONT BE FOOLED have an open mind and listen to every department there’s lots of issues to be addressed just because it’s not affecting you personally one day it could we all have to eat pay bills and mortgages/rent to pay but did PVHMC think twice when they took our FREEHEALTHCARE AWAY NO they didn’t did they think how this would impact everyday in our finances No they didn’t get SEIU RN got us our EMPLOYEE FREE HEALTHCARE BACK we stil have to pay over one hundred dollars for our spouse which still that’s a lot of money for a lot of us that live pay check to paycheck DONT BE FOOLED PVHMC DOESNT HAVE THEIR EMPLOYEES BEST INTEREST UNLESS YOUR HIGHER UP IN MANAGEMENT

    • Benedicto January 19, 2016 at 12:07 #

      It has become obvious to me that you are an organizer working for the SEIU union and you have prepared these statements in advance so that you can spread your propaganda and try to fool us all. It is your job and a sad line of work you have chosen. The union can only lock us in the confines of a fenced off field you call a contract, with no way out we are trapped. The shepherd is still in charge not you, for you are the wolf and we are just prey to you.
      I will pray to the Holy Father and ask him to guide us and a special prayer for you that you will see his light and seek a more noble calling.

  8. Purple&Yellow January 19, 2016 at 10:37 #

    No WE DONT GET what the RNS get they get a 10% Cap on the Medical insurance that we do t get WE DONT GET a $7 CALL BACK that continues through their 12 HR shift WE DONT GET $5 for being Charge/Lead WE DONT GET our Rught Ups Removed After 18 Months PLUS The RNS went from the LOWEST PAID To The HIGEST PAID after standing together being Unionized When PVHMC had a large strike they tried to lay off the RNS but couldn’t WHY Because they’re Union and PVHMC had to follow the CONTRACT let your VOICE BE HEARD of its not on BLACK & WHITE PVHMC is NOT Obligated to YOU or what’s BEST for Your FAMILY the only Family they’re looking out for is the Higher Management that sits back while WE OUR THE ONES THAT MAKE PVHMC HOSPITAL the GREAT Hosptial it is don’t think things will change those that have been here long enough and have been through TWO LAY OFFS it won’t change its getting worse and PVHMC best interest it NOT YOU or your FAMILY the only ones that haven’t been affected by this is the higher ups in management Ray Inge making $250,000. Plus a year along with a $100,000.00 BONUS is his family hurting NO THE CEO is making over $600.000.00 plus a HUGE BONUS is his pay worth it while the Employees that due all the MANUAL LABOR get their MEDICAL cut HOURS cut DIFFERENTUAL PAY cut yet their JOB is stressful enough because of poor management being unfairly treated yet No one from management has any comment to this CUTS are throughout the Hospital affecting this that actually make the Hospital run everyday the Manual labor isn’t cut but the BENEFITS & PAY are how is that for PVHMC looking out what best the bottom line is its a place of business and money is a factor if it were true they had our best interest they would listen to us and NOT take away our FREE HEALTHCARE We CANT afford $400-$500 plus that another HUGE payment that some barely make that in a weeks pay or two weeks pay where’s the justice there the Pay scales are off some are making more than working less than 10 years of service than someone that’s been there more than 20 yrs of service it’s called FAVORTISM We Must Stand Together & Stand Up For Our Rights & Families it’s Our Future

    Furthermore there’s wasn’t any tire(s) slashed Sercurity confirmed there wasn’t any reports on that day DONT be a Robot any longer Stand Up & Let Your Voice Be Heard it won’t hit you unit one day you disagree with PVHMC then you’ll realize you should have VOTED YES!! The Union listens to Us then we appoint someone from each department that will go to the bargaining table with each departments issues to settle for a contract yet it’s US our VOICES backed up with a Lawyer to speak the Lingo so we can’t be fooled by Lingo Many have been working FULL time hours without Benefits throughout the Hospital for example LDRP and still can’t get a Full time position or Benefits PVHMC reason it’s not in the BUDGET next they Hired Full Time New Grads with Benefits how is that for having your back its happening throughout the hospital DONT BE FOOLED We Are NOT GETTING THE SAME BENEFITS as The RNS NOT Until it’s in a Black & White CONTRACT DONT BELIEVE What PVHMC is Promising You it Won’t Hapoen VOTE YES!! This is only only will We Will Make Change For The Manual Labors The True Unsung HERO’s that go Unrecognized for their Hard Work & Dedication in Making this the Great Hospital it is there’s so many issues everywhere that aren’t being address what are Most IMPORTANT Patient Care the Ratio to CNAS isn’t always great yet they still want you to give baths and attend to your patients needs you can’t if they’re a HIGH ACUITY or another BIG CONCERN Patients that need to be watched they’re a PURPLE DOT for good reason yet PVHMC continues to have an CNA sit with not just one (which is correct One to One) or Two patients there’s times when they’re watching THREE PATIENTS OR FOUR That’s impossible to watch ALL FOUR or five good care sad to say We’ve had many CNA’s get seriously hurt to the point where they had broken facial bones and required surgery one was choked if the charge nurse hadn’t walked by its would have been a terrible outcome employees have been kicked punched yet PVHMC hasn’t done anything to resolve this matter which is very serious when will PVHMC stand up and take responsibility and correct things for a better safe work place or understand some or stressed out because of management and favortism we’ve gone through management and higher up but nothing was done EMPLOYEES are being told if the Union comes in there will be layoffs those are THREATS that PVHMC knows they can’t do but will continue if the Union is voted in a grieference is filed and this is why PVHMC doesn’t want a Union because they’ll have to answer to someone else and be held accountable for their actions Let’s Stand Together VOTE YES!!

  9. SUSAN BENSON January 18, 2016 at 17:24 #

    Check out Parkview hospital in Riverside. Same union was voted in there THREE YEARS ago!! Still NO CONTRACT!! Everyone still has to pay union dues and thier wages are frozen without a contract

  10. Purple&Yellow January 18, 2016 at 11:45 #

    PVHMC had already taken away our FREE HEALTHCARE but the SEIU 121 RN’s Union fought long hard hours to gain it back for US Free which is an incentive for working and being dedicated and loyal to PVHMC however it was taken away just that easily now that we have it back we still have to pay over a $100 plus for our spouse which is better than paying over $400. Plus if you have family well over $500 lots of employees don’t have that kind of money that’s like having another HUGE car payment there’s been cutback and I understand that we’ve all seen the cheaper gloves tissue paper paper towels containers for measuring urine water pitchers etc everything is cheaper thinner in plastic or very see through in paper but when PVHMC cuts back hours, weekend premiums, and night shift in some departments because it’s all about saving money where they can however these people still have families to fed a mortgage to pay and car payments etc so where is it that PVHMC is looking out for the best for their employees THEY AREN’T wake up everyone it’s a place of business bottom line and let’s talk about patient care the ratio to CNA to patients isn’t always the greatest or how about when they have CNA’s sitting for more than one patient also when the patient needs to use the bathroom there’s suppose to be Two People in the room especially if they’re a sittier they’re a PURPLE DOT for good reason we’ve had way to many of our CNA’s getting seriously hurt because the ratio to CNA’s is not appropriate one CNA in ER was seriously beaten with facial bone broken which she has gone under surgery and still hasn’t recovery another CNA in ICU was choked that if the Charge nurse hadnt walked by id hate to say the outcome would have been a memorial instead PVHNC hasn’t changed this for patient care this is very important there’s more cases which other employees have Ben hurt but nothing has changed so tell me how without the union things will get better they won’t because PVHMC is a place of business bottom line and doesn’t have the patients car le or their employees best interest at hand there’s so much more that need to be changed but the only thing PVHMC is changing are CUTBACKS EVERY WHERE but at the same time they have made an outstanding amount of money since 2011 with the Obama Care they’ve been getting paid compared to what they weren’t before with cash patients their growth financially has increased dramatically which is shows by all the replacing painting and decorating throughout the hospital and higher management stil gets BIG BONUSES sure their job is important but how about taking care of the employees that due the manual labor that keeps the hospital functioning everyone from Patient Care Associates License Nurses Tech from RT LAB EVS FNS ER RAD etc these are the people that make the hospital run everyday even on Holidays and weekend which you’ll find management is no where to be found these are the people that should be paid well and benefits yet these people are on the bottom of the totem pole while higher mangement enjoys their weekends off all Holidays (even with pay and three day weekend) and most likely only work Eight Hour shifts where is the dedication to those that are The Real Unsung Heroes all departments are taking a stand united together because they’re tired of being mistreated and unappreciated there’s so much more going on that needs to be addressed but I’m sure you get some ideal of the true story

    • Benedicto January 19, 2016 at 10:18 #

      Someone has seriously mislead you and lied to you and you should be angry at them for lying to you and angry at yourself for believing them. SEIU ain’t gonna fix this and layoff cannot be stopped by the union. Look up all the layoffs at Kaiser and other places.

      • Purple&Yellow January 22, 2016 at 15:12 #

        Pls read my comments and no one has lied to me I’ve done my research and have seen the growing changes through working with PVHMC and not all good the manual employees are the ones that take the biggest cut backs maganemt seems to forget that these are the people who make PVHMC great yet want to take their benefits and not pay them as they ahold yet Ray Enge is clearly over paid and uses his power that’s given to him to bully people you can’t test people
        That way and not feel the karma one day you’ll see how it feels when it hits you family personally then you’ll know what it it to feel to scramble to make ends meet for your family management part is a role key in success but the pay scales are not divided equally to who play an important part in making PVHMC a great place to work the incentives is what a lot of people worked for after ten years free healthcare and other incentives that made us a family together these are all taken away PVHMC has spent a lot of money on hire a security guard and everything else to get their say vote no but when it comes to equipment raises or benefits it’s not in the budget see how it works do you know realize how much money was invested in anti union mail etc that money could have been spent elsewhere where it really could have benefited the hospital in the long run instead of buyin appropriate equipment or incentives they rather spent the money that’s not in the budget for something that they feel threaten again ask yourself who does PVHMC really have their best interest in its clearly not the employees or listening to their voices it’s fallen on deaf ears until the union was spoken yet if the union doesn’t pass things will continue and go back to where they were because it’s a place of business

  11. SUSAN BENSON January 12, 2016 at 08:14 #



  12. Susan Hale January 9, 2016 at 09:34 #

    The yes voters think that they can get rid of their managers if they don’t like them, talk about raises and having to work weekends.. Not once have I heard anyone mention Pt care. Which is what we are there for PT CARE. I will vote no and if ask I will tell the Union why. They are very political and I don’t want to be apart of that. I can speak for my self and am Happy at PVHMC.
    The Union has lied to people and unfortunalty people believe that they will change things..
    Sorry folks AIN’T GOING to HAPPEN

    • Sherwood January 9, 2016 at 09:54 #

      The union contract has a managements rights clause that retains managements rights to hire and fire. The union does not control this.

      • Purple&Yellow January 18, 2016 at 12:16 #

        You are at Ill Will and can be let go at any time that’s why some have been through two lay offs this was tried also with the RN’s but didn’t succeed because of their contract again read my comment above of course if your not complying with rules and regulations how is anyone suppose to defend that but with a union and lawyer it’s harder for PVHMC lay you off or fire you without a good reason

      • Jim Floyd April 26, 2019 at 05:10 #

        They still must follow a grievance procedure that can be legnthy.

    • Purple&Yellow January 18, 2016 at 12:18 #

      Please see my comment above it has a lot to do with patient care and ratio to CNA’s etc

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