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Baptist Medical Center San Antonio Texas

Baptist Medical Center San Antonio Texas

Don’t sign that Card! Don’t lose your freedom. Don’t fall victim to the NNOC/CNA! A union card is a legal document. You signature can be considered a request to unionize and if enough victims fall for the card signing trick, the union is “IN” without an election. Questions? Contact me at

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Southwest Healthcare System, Inland Valley Medical Center and Ranch Springs Medical Center

Inland Valley Medical Center and Rancho Springs Medical Center UNAC LOSES! Nurses Win ! 287 to 182! AGAINST UNIONIZING   Rally Time!!! Who decides how YOUR pie is sliced?     The “Rally” that UNAC called for was attended by more pro-hospital staff and the press than by union supporters…..         A […]

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Chino Valley Medical Center Nurses submit petition to decertify UNAC has learned that UNAC is no longer recognized as the bargaining agent for the Nurses at Chino Valley Medical Center. A petition signed by a majority of the nursing staff was presented to their employer and has been accepted. Staff nurses answering calls placed to the hospital have said that UNAC is out and […]

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Houston Northwest Medical Center

Nurses at Houston Northwest Medical Center successfully pushed back a union attack by the NNOC/California Nurses Association. The union had scheduled an NLRB election for later this week. Grassroots nurses rallied the troops and pushed back hard and strong against this union giant. The NNOC reeling from the huge amount of support these nurses were […]

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