March 2008

NLRB Overturns SEIU 399 Win at Good Samritan Hospital Los Angles Citing Union Interference
NLRB cited threats, verbal and physical abuse and bribes:

“For the reasons that I expressed above, I have recommended that objection numbers 2 and 3 be sustained. Objection number 2 involved principally the incident occurring at the end of September 2006, wherein union business agent Ronquillo verbally and physically threatened the Petitioner, Alan Smith, in the presence of a number of bargaining unit employees. Objection number 3 involved the incident on March 16, 2007, wherein union business agent Rodriguez offered Smith a number of benefits for abandoning his support for the decertification effort,including purple scrubs, a position as a keynote speaker at the Jesse Jackson rally, and most significantly, a job with the Union. This attempt to “bribe” Smith was subsequently widely disseminated among the bargaining unit employees when Smith and his election committee mailed a letter dated March 22, 2007, containing the substance of this incident to the homes of approximately 400 members of the bargaining unit.”

*From the NLRB Decision included.

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