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  1. Gwenn Dyson Rn MSN May 25, 2018 at 17:00 #

    Wow. If it wasn’t for unions, nurses would still be standing and giving seats for docs at the nurses’ station. How cavalier you about the respect we older nurses have worked so hard for. I no longer work in acute care, but feel for the nurses still there. They need support and empathy. Not the “ you’re on your own” crap you are selling. If you are the best in nursing, I am glad I no longer work in the profession.

  2. Joseph M. Walsh August 18, 2017 at 06:10 #

    I agree that problems exist within the hospital but going union is not the answer. As noted previously, unions can’t guarantee anything. I see unionizing as more separating nurses from management and additionally ancillary staff. Every person from maintenance, dietary, billing housekeeping, dietary, radiology, lab, patient care techs, etc. are needed for complete care of the patients. Nurses unionizing encourages unionizing of other staff and then comes the battle of unions against each other. As a previous union employee , I saw first hand how unions will pick and choose who they will “represent”. Just looking at newspapers, you can see many hospitals under union representation executing layoffs.(latest being UMass Worcester). I don’t criticize those who are pro union, as I think they are doing what they believe is right for them. I , however, disagree with unions being the answer. Looking at finances as a pie. There is only so much pie to divvy out. If nursing takes a larger piece. there is less left for others. So unionization of RNs is a matter that will affect each and every person in the organization. You can’t get something without giving something up. higher wages -more costly benefits higher deductibles. More Rns – less CNAs or techs to offset the cost. Please look at the picture as a whole. I have said , I would not be able to walk out on strike ABANDONING patients that are depending on the continuity of care or are in need of life saving, pain preventing, or even just social care. That is abandonment no matter if the hospital has hired out agency. Agency does not the facility, system, patients, etc. So thus I end my rant. I have had both very positive and negative experience here as staff. The negative, I have stood up for myself and worked through the channels. I have also seen from the opposite side as a patient suffering life threatening condition, in which staff was wonderful and this hospital truly saved my life where Boston hospitals remained perplexed and cold towards me, unable to diagnose me.
    I don’t need a union rep to interfere with me asking for time off for doctors appointments/ family care/ vacations,/ when I can urinate and for how long( sorry Mr. Walsh, someone has more seniority, you should have self catheterized this morning). and thus ends my rant. Proudly signed with my name.

  3. Amanda Ford July 1, 2017 at 17:02 #

    Katrina, you are absolutely correct. We have multiple shared governance committees and not once have I heard any complaints from nurses. In my opinion, they are nurses that are more concerned about themselves and “their salary” and “their benefits.” When you become a nurse, you become a selfless person (at least for most nurses). The goals for the MNA and nurse supporters are purely driven by greed.

    • Kathi Sussky RN June 6, 2018 at 12:13 #

      How dare you say that MNA nurses are all about greed! I have been a nurse for over 35 yrs and MNA member. The MNA protects nurses. Advocating a fair wage and benefits are only a portion of what The MNA does.Saying we are greedy is not true and misleading to the public. What about the salaries of hospital presidents and upper management? Are they being greedy? The MNA care more about the safety of it’s nurses and their patients than the profit seeking hospital management.

  4. Katrina Parkhurst June 27, 2017 at 16:40 #

    Unions cannot promise staffing ratios. What the union is doing to the relationships between staff is disgusting. I do not need someone else to fight my battles for me. As a 15 year veteran of LGH they will not be getting my vote. I have no problem in using the channels we have for open communication, it is too bad more staff didn’t come to the appropriate channels before inviting in the union to do their dirty work.

  5. James McCoy June 13, 2017 at 20:30 #

    We already know this game! Soon nurses called “concerned nurse’ and other anonymous people will start posting stuff about how they are so worried that the union is taking over. Scroll down to Sherwood’s other loosing campaigns, at Einstein, Hahnemann and DCMH where the nurses all formed unions and won great contracts despite the scare tacts implemented here.

    • Sherwood June 14, 2017 at 11:49 #

      Oh my Jimmy, I knew we would be hearing from you. I am sure we will be hearing from the other MNA organizers too? What fake names will they be posting under? Everyone knows who I am, who are you really?
      The voices and words of the Nurses of Lowell General Hospital are really the only thing that counts here and its not a game to them. Nursing is a passion and a calling where lives matter. As a full time bedside critical-care nurse myself I know full well how important our patients are to us. The disruption created by union organizers such as yourself hurts the very people you claim to want to help. So go ahead, spread your slime around all you want and then crawl back under your rock.

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