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Non Solictation KP

Kaiser PCC


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The California Nurses Association Wants You to Strike

The California Nurses Association Wants You to Strike

While you are striking you don’t just lose a the dollars in your paycheck, you lose the company match in your 401k because you didn’t put funds in to match, you lose the accrued PTO because you didn’t work any hours to accrue PTO. So if you make $35, $38 or $45 dollars and hour, […]

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Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Welcome to Stopunions.com We want to be classy, factual and appeal to the staff sense of pride and professionalism. Our current pay @ 5 % year structure increase (25%in past 5yrs) which rivals any contract the California Nurses Association can come up with; our education benefits, rich night shift rates (15% differential + 97 cents […]

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Lies About Strikes

St Joseph of Orange

The California Nurses Association is back on the attack!       Promises Promises…..   How will your dues be used?   Lies, lies and more lies…    

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Rio Grande Regional Hospital Decertifies the NNOC/CNA

July 11, 2012 NNOC Decertified at Rio Grande Regional Hospital. The independant RN’s of Rio Grande Regional Hospital banded together to educate and motivate their co-workers. Their professionalism, dedication and positive message opened the eyes and ears of the caring and dedicated Nurses of Rio Grande to defeat and remove the NNOC.  The nurses spoke […]

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