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We want to be classy, factual and appeal to the staff sense of pride and professionalism. Our current pay @ 5 % year structure increase (25%in past 5yrs) which rivals any contract the California Nurses Association can come up with; our education benefits, rich night shift rates (15% differential + 97 cents an hour). In-house registry rate of 14.50/hour on top of salary. Our support staff, CNA’s, U/S, and of course our rich stock of supplies. Our Professional development pathways & extra for degrees. Our Shared decision making council and an administration that listens and who are staff advocates….

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  1. Susan Sions August 9, 2016 at 21:40 #

    Unions have nothing to do with advocacy for the nurses and everything to do with linng the union leaders’ pockets. Isnt that oerfectly clear?

    Please, keep the anti-union momemtum going. We can defeat this.

    • Susan Sions August 9, 2016 at 21:43 #

      * please excuse the typos

  2. Patricia Balzano, RN August 5, 2016 at 11:40 #

    Next week will be my 9th anniversary at Torrance Memorial. Previously I worked at Little Company of Mary and Daniel Freeman Hospitals. I feel that I can look at this situation realistically. Torrance Memorial is an awesome place to practice my profession. I am able to communicate to whomever I need to. I am paid very fairly, staffing in my department is great and I feel appreciated by my co-workers and Administration. It would break my heart to see CNA come into our amazing workplace and ruin it and split our nurses up.

    • Susan Sions August 9, 2016 at 21:40 #

      Well stated, Patty.

  3. RN With A Voice August 3, 2016 at 10:57 #

    I work at both Torrance Memorial and Little Company of Mary. As you know , we went through the exact same thing . The CNA came in , and took over our hospital. Needless to say , we put up a good fight. We only lost by 1 vote !!! They will say we lost by 18 votes, but they challenged 17 votes for the hospital…. Everyone that started the Union , has left …. All there broken promises they told the nurse’s never happened. All they do is stir up hate and commotion within the hospital with staff and management. Yet they are great at saying what you need, but yet they don’t provide it, and we pay dues for WHAT ??? All their political agendas … WE get nothing out of it . Our nurses that were not part of the bargaining unit ( Discharge planning, Performance Improvement, TCU RN’s), they are not part of the union and do not pay dues…. Yet they make just as much as us bedside nurses , and are on the same step ladders ….. I Pay STATE and FEDERAL Taxes for all the same stuff they put in our contract….. and now have to pay $180.00 dollars more a month to a UNION . Our contract is terrible, and we have to live with it for 4 years….. Example: Holiday’s – There are only 3 Major Holiday’s …. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… We have to work 2 of the three . And part time employee’s the same applies. They do not include any EVE’s or the day after. So I might have to work Thanksgiving eve, day, day after, Christmas eve, day, day after, New Years Eve, and day after … But Wait it gets better ……. I ONLY GET OFF NEW YEARS DAY…… Our pay that we were promised wasn’t a huge raise…. Take out the 2.2 % they take out of our paychecks……. What raise…. The cost of living raise, but we would have got that WITHOUT A UNION !!!!!!! We are up for MAGNET Designation This Aug 22, 23, 24…… AND GUESS WHO IS GOING TO TRY TO STOP US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR UNION >>>> CNA !!!! And they say they are all for patient care ….. then why stop a hospital from going MAGNET>>>>> PLEASE PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES !!!!!! YOU DO NOT WANT THESE MONSTERS IN YOUR WORK PLACE !!!!!!!! Do your research , the grass is NOT GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE. We are living it, and it is brown and wilting away….. HAVE A VOICE !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lora Barton August 3, 2016 at 09:24 #

    Thank you Rhonda, I feel the same way. We worked so hard together to get our councils going and achieve magnet status, it is our path forward to excellence and maintaining our professional status. Just look around at our great staff and how many advanced practice nurses we have working with us. Why do we need outsiders to interfere with our progress?
    I am proud of the professional nurses at Huntington Memorial in Pasadena who successfully prevented a union takeover. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t need or want anyone else to speak for me. I have worked in a union hospital, that is why I work for TMMC now. I have great confidence in the Open Door Policy we have here at TMMC. After 20 years, it is my family. ED nurses here saved my son’s life, and I will do anything to protect and preserve it. To all my fellow nurses; Please do not sign anything at all.
    If an election does happen VOTE NO, there are no do overs.

    Respectfully yours, Lora Barton, Audit Nurse

  5. Mitchey August 2, 2016 at 21:59 #

    I’ve seen how unions have can destroy a ‘family’. They have a time and they have a place but that’s when staff is being abused and mis-treated. From an outside perspective, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Everything I understand about your hospital makes me envy your managements interaction with its most important asset, you. Stay a family. Work with your management, if in the end they prove unworthy than a union may be an option. Yet, to jump into a situation you can’t correct is an unfortunate risk! I don’t even work there but hey, it’s up to you!

  6. Rhonda Mohler July 31, 2016 at 16:53 #

    Torrance Memorial has been my second home for 27 years. I do not want strangers coming into my home and breaking up my family which will happen if we vote in a union! To all my fellow nurses, please do not sign anything and vote NO if an election happens. Thank You! Rhonda Mohler, Rapid Response Nurse

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