The California Nurses Association Wants You to Strike

The California Nurses Association Wants You to StrikeWhile you are striking you don’t just lose a the dollars in your paycheck, you lose the company match in your 401k because you didn’t put funds in to match, you lose the accrued PTO because you didn’t work any hours to accrue PTO. So if you make $35, $38 or $45 dollars and hour, you lose ADDITIONAL dollars that you would have accrued.

Ask smart questions of your union representative and then verify the answer with the National Labor Relations Board, The NLRB is the government agency that makes and ENFORCES the rules of labor law. Do this for yourself and your family.

Remove the Union?

Decertification or removal of a union can be done although it can be difficult. The employees who are a victim of forced unionism and forced dues payments could start a signature drive during a small window in time when there is no active contract such as when the old contract has expired and a new contract is being negotiated.
The signatures must be actual verifiable signatures with printed name and date as well, these signatures must be submitted to the NLRB and a copy to HR of your place of employment.

You must have support (signatures) of at least 30% + of the affected employees in order for the NLRB to schedule a vote.
contact: and a document can be provided along with instructions.,

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